Trying to write more -

Trying to write more

This section of my website is for "writing". It's popular to include a "blog", but the concept of a "blog" connotes that the output thereof will be oriented toward outside readers. The notion of "blog" also implies the concepts of "theme" and "consistency", and treating my site like a tool means that I might not want to commit to particular topics and schedules. I don't want to limit myself too much from the get-go, so I'd like to begin by establishing a more broad concept than "blog" for this section of my site. Starting basic seems like a good approach in general to new undertakings. Since "theme", "consistency", and "outside readers" aren't essential to "writing", I'll begin with building the simple habit and see what naturally flows from it.

Some thoughts on "what" and "why"

It's well-documented that writing something down increases chances of remembering it . The only trouble is building the habit of writing things down. I've noticed that I can gain new skills relatively quickly if I have the opportunity to try them hands-on, though I've also noticed two pitfalls if this is my only approach to learning:

  1. I might learn how to do something quickly hands-on, but my depth of understanding (of best-practices, history behind the skill, etc.) will remain shallow until I gain experience
  2. If I find myself busy with other things too soon, I run the risk of quickly forgetting (or becoming rusty on) the skill in question, or certain helpful details I've gleaned from my limited experience

This is demotivating and results in barriers to re-adopting said skill until (or unless) it's really necessary.. which reduces my joy in learning.

What's worked before

When I first learned HTML/CSS/JavaScript, I filled two Moleskine journals with notes from the online courses at Codecademy and Treehouse. Those notebooks allowed me to constantly review my learnings and refer back to them when I needed to reinforce my knowledge. I see this section of my site as providing a (potentially) similar note-taking utility to my Moleskine notebooks, except that digital media is easier for me to store and manage.


My goals for "writing" aren't fully developed yet, but I would like to a) build a habit of writing, b) increase my learning, and c) perhaps document something fun or helpful here and there.