Sundries no. 1 -

Sundries no. 1

Sundries (sə́ndrɪjz | suhn-dreez) ~ noun, plural: various items addressed in general

My wife bought me my very first office chair as a late birthday present. It's a Dexley chair from Staples (except without the head rest) and I like it a lot. The mesh is breathable and the chair as a whole reminds me of the Herman Miller Aeron, except much cheaper. This purchase symbolizes coming to terms with my circumstances, seeing as I've been working 100% from our tiny little home for 4 months and counting. Do I miss going to the office? Yes, I miss having the implicit work/home separation and I lament not having a 25-minute commute to listen to podcasts. However my daily work hasn't changed much since most of the people I work with directly are outside the US. Overall, it hasn't been that bad.

Speaking of working at home, there are both advantages and pitfalls. Advantages include seeing my wife more, being able to walk a few blocks into town for a stretch-and-coffee-break, and working on my front porch rocking chair, to name a few. Pitfalls mainly include more distractions (seeing my wife more, things I want to get done around the house, being in a "home" mindset when I need to focus, etc.), as well as the aforementioned work/home balance aspect. It's not the end of the world though (not yet at least), and I've learned a few helpful tricks for keeping everything in its right place:

I love listening to quality music, but not all music is suited to every occasion. For example, I love listening to metal at the gym (or the home gym... AKA the sidewalk) because it makes me feel way bigger and stronger than I actually am. But, personally, spine-crushing double-bass and apocalyptic imagery aren't my cup of tea while I'm trying to deftly refactor (my own) spaghetti code. That's only one reason why having a work-only playlist is so important. Another reason is that it helps to subconsciously define and initiate a "mental work zone". That said, feel free to check out my current preferred playlist for working, featuring such artists as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Richard Skelton, and Tasmin Little.

Before you ask "what about politics", yes I'm aware that a lot is going on in the world of politics right now. Frankly, it's not limited to politics; it affects everything. Without going into too much detail, since failing to say or think the correct words in the correct order can get people doxxed or worse these days, I'll just post a few personal tidbits:

Unless I have some future change of heart, I will not be directly addressing politics any further on this site.


Otherwise, what have I been doing lately?

The world is still spinning, we're the ones inhabiting it, and every day is a gift which must not go to waste. Stay safe.