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1993 4runner doc


Original info

  • manufactured April 1993 in Japan
  • 2-wheel drive
  • 3VZ-E engine
  • A340E transmission
  • 3.90 rear diff gear ratio


  • Toyota 3VZ-E
  • top-end rebuild at 145,000 miles, according to prev. owner
  • rebuild looks more extensive, according to John Najem from Japanese Car Specialties
  • swap:
    • 5vz-fe 3.4L (compatible with r150 transmission) – link ↗





  • original pump, possibly original hoses
  • Pump is Japanese version
  • Fluid: Valvoline MaxLife Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (Dexron III)




  • Aisin A340E, 4 speed with overdrive
  • possibly rebuilt recently (as of Aug 2021, per John Najem commenting on the fluid), no documentation of rebuild
  • swap:


  • replaced original driveshaft with a solid shaft from DriveshaftPro (along with U-joints and yoke), inspected and rebalanced by contract work via Japanese Car Specialties

Rear differential

  • original rear diff
  • 3.90 gear ratio
  • has ABS


  • has 4wd lift spindles (relevant to suspension jobs, brake jobs, etc.)

Current concerns

  • engine: valves sound to be running tight, likely need adjustment, according to John Najem (possible wontfix)
  • engine: intake boot is cracked underneath the clamp (likely needs replaced)
  • cooling: slow leaks?
  • steering: slow leaks?
  • driveline:
    • transmission whine in 1st gear
    • possible whine from rear diff
    • possible transmission fluid leak? (saw some fluid on bottom of bell housing & dripping off of oil pan)
    • likely needs new diff bearings and seals, possibly rebuild
  • AC broken (deferred, likely needs conversion kit)
  • passenger window switch not working
  • paint blemishes (likely needs paintjob, current paintjob seems cheap)
  • occasional rear-end shake/shudder when braking from highway speeds
  • weatherproof/undercoat to protect frame and underbody