Cryptographic security -

Cryptographic security

cryptography, cryptology, algorithms, encryption, security, computational hardness, provable security
  • Informally, “cryptographic security” describes the type of resistance a given algorithm has against attempts to decode messages encrypted by it
    • provable security: a proof must exist for the algorithm which shows that the underlying difficult problem has no “back doors”; in other words, an attacker has no choice but to solve the problem directly in order to break the security
      • provable security doesn’t rely on simple obfuscation tactics that reduce the chances that a cipher will be cracked
    • information-theoretic security: security that doesn’t rely on the limitations of current computing technology; heavily related to “information theory”
      • security of information-theoretic secure algorithms will not break down with the advent of new technologies, such as quantum computing
      • a key example is the one-time pad ↗ algorithm (OTP)