Graphql -


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  • An approach to developing web APIs that allows for requesting and receiving data in a particular shape/structure
  • allows for more efficient requests since extraneous/unused data is eliminated from the API response (avoids the “over-fetching” problem in REST)

Sample query:

  orders {
    productsList {
      product {

Sample response:

  "data": {
    "orders": [
        "id": 1,
        "productsList": [
            "product": {
              "name": "orange",
              "price": 1.5
            "quantity": 100
        "totalAmount": 150
  • queries are handled by a GraphQL server
  • relies on a type system (which allows for custom types/structs) in order to execute a query
    • the most basic types are “scalar” values, which are basic to GraphQL and non-custom
    • all fields end up resolving to scalar values (any custom types are ultimately resolved into their parts, which are scalars like strings, numbers, etc.)
  • each field on each type can be thought of as a function (resolver), provided by the developer, which produces the value