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Habits that promote linking notes by title

I use Markdown in Vimwiki, which still allows me to use the traditional VimWiki links:

[[This is a VimWiki link]]

vs. Markdown links:

[This is a Markdown link](path to file)

This is important because VimWiki links link to files without needing a path to the file, meaning that the name of the file is the link text.

This is helped by the built-in <C-x><C-o> shortcut, which allows me to autocomplete a VimWiki file name (without extension) after beginning a VimWiki link:

[[Beginning of a link<C-x><C-o><CR>]]

So, these habits promote linking notes by title within my system:

  • Use note titles as file names
  • Prefer VimWiki links to Markdown links
  • Use autocompletion to make referencing notes easy

One further improvement is to create a command that can autocomplete based on a fuzzy-search of the title, rather than an incremental search.