WeDeploy -


WeDeploy was a consumer-oriented web deployment platform, similar to Vercel, started by a group of Liferay engineers to explore the cloud services market and hopefully become independently profitable.

In early 2018, I joined WeDeploy as an intern. I learned quickly during my internship and eventually became a full-time engineer on the WeDeploy team. We worked hard to make WeDeploy a powerful platform for running web applications in the cloud. Our efforts paid off, though not in the way we initially expected. It soon became clear that WeDeploy was capable of running Liferay DXP projects in the cloud, so, over the summer of 2018, we transformed WeDeploy into DXP Cloud, a full-featured enterprise PaaS for Liferay DXP.

DXP Cloud has been rapidly successful, helping earn Liferay DXP recognition as an industry leader on the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant.