approach to autonomous driving - approach to autonomous driving

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  • is a startup founded by George Hotz
  •’s approach to autonomous driving is predicated on the notion that autonomous driving “is a scam”:
    • the current approach in use by many companies isn’t economically feasible:
      • current “mainstream” approach:
        • HD maps
        • drive-by-line
        • LIDAR
      • millions of dollars have been invested into these solutions, but current iterations of this technology (as of 2020) still need humans monitoring them from within the cockpit
        • examples include Waymo and Zoox
    •’s approach:
      • a smartphone-like module that plugs into the car’s OBD-C port
      • module has cameras that keep the car within the road, and draws from crowdsourced driving data
      • uses AI, doesn’t rely on precise maps and lane markings
        • thinks “where would a human drive in this scenario”
      • tracks driver head movements to ensure the driver is actually paying attention
      • still needs driver-assistance, but doesn’t falsely advertise itself as “autonomous driving”
      • considered level 2 vehicle autonomy